In the world of finance money has many definitions. There is not much bartering going on these days. Today it's gold and silver, paper currency, credit and debit, and the now well known but not understood digital cryptocurrencies.  During my lifetime there has been a severe economic downturn every 10-15 years.  We are told that this is just the business cycle.  Fortunately a search engine will tell you otherwise.  Just look at what happened in the 2008 U.S. mortgage crisis.

In any event we all use money as finance in it's various forms.  Cash will probably remain king until the crypto currencies are better understood.  The story of "the crypto king" only serves to remind us that the scams are everywhere.  Too good to be true really is too good to be true.  Another example is Gemany's "Wirecard scandal".  A debit card scam where it appears $2Billion dollars was stolen or never existed.

Certainly there are those making money with crypto currencies. There are all kinds of programs out there for trading and mining crypto above and beyond the idea of a stock where you might buy and hold for future gains.  International banking have also organized themselves such that there is or will be a centralized venue for crypto currencies.  As a matter of fact the Venezuela government used crypto currency as their primary currency in order to stabilize the economy.

Of course centralization is counter to why crypto is so popular in the first place.  Decentralized crypto allows for anonymity in the exchange and transfer of the value.

In the world of finance there are all kinds of instruments beyond the typical stocks, bonds, credit, debit, insurance, and mortgages that the average consumer is aware of.  And when you fail there is always bankruptcy and credit repair.  Just ask Donald Trump.  As always,  just when you thought you knew something there is always more.
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