Home and Other Services

Through our daily lives we all use home and other services.  Whether it's a technician making repairs or the small grocer around the corner.  We rely on the skill and products of others to live relatively comfortable lives.

We are now in a new gig economy.  Where the side hustle is the difference between sinking and swimming.  For some it's just the peace of mind that comes from doing something that they have always wanted to do and leaving the 9 t0 5 grind behind.  Fair warning though.  You better love what your changing to, or it itself becomes the grind.

With all the various home and other services that are available I don't believe that it's a new gig economy.  It's just that recent work from home demands have brought to light what has always been there.  Now the regulatory bodies are working to prepare situations where gig workers can "register" and receive similar protection as employees.

This new gig economy simply is the modern version of ancient times when you had to take care of yourself.  Families worked closer together and those skills were passed on to the next generation.

If you want to live forever create generational wealth.  At least that way your mindset will feed your grandchildren and their grandchildren.
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