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Medicine Man

Health is your Wealth. Today there is a considerable amount of scientific data that supports healthy living by the old school, home remedies, of the varied cultures of the Earth.   There are more and more medical doctors who are bridging the gap between the pharmaceutical industry and natural medicine.  They have studied original/indigenous medicines and isolated the active or main ingredient/nutrient which is yielding the results.  In one particular book I read, the author spoke about having to discreetly watch from afar as the terminally ill were being healed by the Shaman.  Then they had to also discreetly follow the person who was sent to fetch “the plant” in order to study it for it’s healing properties.

What I have noticed is that the videos are usually accompanied by a list of scientific references not just as a matter of disclosure but also because their prospective clients are more knowledgeable than previous generations.  The masses have become more demanding with respect to transparency as they now recognize that if not modern medicine, then the modern lifestyle is the cause off their failing health.

Today there are thousands of “natural” products in pill form with promises of rejuvenation and healthy living free of pain, heart disease, diabetes, cancers, etc. The “old” are young and virile again!  Letting their inner self shine through.

Not to be outdone the pharmaceutical industry still produces synthetic products generally made from petroleum products.  All of which is supported by governmental agencies.  In Europe they took to the streets when they were not informed about what is in their food.  Such as GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).  In the North America we politely wait for the committee to do the study that will take 10 years and will be inconclusive and all the while upsizing that fast food meal.

Fortunately their are a significant amount of ma and pa shops that cook up better fare across all cultural lines.  Food is not your only concern for health. One also needs to consider physical activity, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects as a part of health. Your Health is your Wealth.

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