Health is a relative term. We all are probably aware of people passing before their time. Yet those who abuse their "health" sometimes outlive those who eat well and are active. It's as if the heavy smokers and drinkers have somehow sealed themselves from the call of their maker. For all we know maybe the scientists got it wrong and excessive drinking and smoking are OK! No, not likely. Some would say moderation is the key. My personal experience says you have to know yourself. Know your body and your mind. What is good for one is not necessarily good for another.

And this is one topic where you should do some basic research. You may not want to read a scientific study and figure out all the definitions and calculations, but at least find a "trust worthy" source of health information. Quite often you will find there are differing opinions on any given scientific study. And of course those differences may not just be about the science specifically but about whether the treatment should be natures pharmacy or pharmacological treatments.

All over the planet demands are being made by the masses for transparency with respect to food and medical choices. There are all kinds of promises being made by naturopaths and allopaths with respect to relief of symptoms, yet not enough information is ever given to patients. It is necessary that you the patient do your own due diligence.

Fortunately, the days of the Shaman are still with us. I expect that they will always be with us. There has to be a balance with health as there is in all things. The pendulum has swung too far and it is now making a return trip with the sight of modern technology and wisdom. Not that the Shaman needs the tech. They have their written and oral testimonies from the ancients. And this cuts across all cultures.

Modern knowledge has given us the opportunity to live long and productive lives. Let's make the best of healthy living.

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