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LiveGood has finally brought along to the MLM industry, in particular the healthy living niche, a game changer. People need high quality health products that do not cost an arm and a leg. People need an auto-ship that they can afford.

The $70-100 dollar Auto-ship is a plaque in the health MLM industry. People are trying to take care of themselves and earn a living but the costs are too high. They purchase more than they need in order to make a commission and end up stockpiling their cupboards with products that they do not want or need.

Those days are now over.

In previous days a product manufactured for $10 would cost about $100 retail. The reason for the difference was to pay all the commissions to the members. To make it attractive to join, commissions had to be high for the good producers. Well, consumers are now tired of paying and will spend hours searching for a cheaper alternative without the commission. They weren’t making any money anyway, so why pay the EXTRA!

LiveGood has a one time fee of $40 dollars plus $10/month if you want to earn commissions. And of course as a member you receive the deep discount compared to a retail shopper. In the end, a regular retail shopper will join because it is cheaper to do so. Everyone wins.

You don’t have to try to sell an overpriced product to your friends and your affiliates will stay on board with the system because they can pay $10/month and order a product when they need it.

Here is another important point. Quality. The cheaper price is not because of cheaper supplies. It is entirely because of the change in the marketing and commission system. A poor product would not last. LiveGood easily competes and outperforms on the quality scale. As you will also see, their product formulator is also an avid user of the products with years of experience and success in the health industry.

Oh and by the way. Did I tell you you could earn over $2000/month without sponsoring anyone. Take The Tour for more information.

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