Classified Advertising Benefits

The most important benefit of free classified advertising is that it costs you nothing other than the time it takes to make the post. Business opportunity promoters can keep their money while making effective use of an online marketing venue.

Valuable website traffic can be produced from a well thought out classified ad. Here are some points to consider.

Headline and Description

How much thought is put into the wording of your ad will determine how well it provides free traffic to your website. A catchy headline relative to the product being presented will capture the attention of visitors who are searching ads. Keywords that are relative to your product in the headline and in the description will be a benefit during the use of the search option. This is also useful when it comes to search engine optimization as every little bit helps. So you can make a really eye appealing headline that may get a users attention to your ad or go for the SEO or both.

Classified Categories

Most classified ad sites will also have categories and subheadings that will assist you in targeting your audience. Naturally use the category that provides the best fit for your product. This is another area where search engines also prove to be useful in the long run. Putting a health product under the finance category may show up in the internal search but certainly would break the algorithm for a search engine such as Google.

Images For Advertising

Using images where possible is also another eye targeting method to produce better responses. Images can be related to the product directly or related to the lifestyle that the use of the product will bring to the user. Get creative. There are plenty of websites that offer free images that you can use. Also check the image size you are uploading so that it suits the necessities of the site. It may be be necessary to resize the image before uploading.

Classified Advertising
International Advertising

With online marketing there are no geographical limits . Affiliate marketers are typically international since the product is usually delivered digitally. Language is no longer a problem due to Google Translate and other platforms.

If your product is truly limited due to geography then a site that offers search by location such as zip code or region may be a feature that you have to look for. Brick and mortar businesses such as service trades would be best suited with local search capabilities.

Recurring Ads

Another consideration is the time duration of your advertisement. Online classified sites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How often do you have to renew your ad? Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? How fast does your ad drop off the main page? Are you close to the top in internal search results? Does the admin send an email reminder that your ad needs to be renewed?

Keeping your ad active is another opportunity for SEO possibilities. An ad that is well prepared may be much more useful a few months down the road than now. Think long term for posting Home Business Ads.

Business Review and Comments

With some classified ad sites you can also control the content relative to your business. That is, you can input proper review information about your product and respond to any comments that are made about your product. Responses should be made to negative and positive comments. You may not have the time to respond to every comment so make a good response a few paragraphs long that will cover other relative points as well.

And if you are making a comment about a product please keep it professional. Make your comment a few sentences long, multiple paragraphs if that’s what it takes, and state your point clearly. Sometimes an issue is just the result of the perspective being taken.

As always search engines spider the comments and review sections also. This provides another opportunity to make use of SEO (search engine optimization). In the end though what is most important is the content of your comments. Other users may take an interest in what you are saying and then check your listings or website as well.

Free classified advertising is a simple and effective method of generating website traffic. Be creative with your headline and images, and use keywords to help the search engines find you. Happy posting.

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