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Classified Advertising goes right back to the days of print media. This still is a very popular and productive method of advertising. Today online classified advertising is is superior to print media.

User Search and Categories
Classified advertising sites are popular because of ease of use. Search portals and categories are provided to assist finding the product the user is looking for. Some sites are very specific about what they cater to, such as business opportunities. Most classified sites require registration to minimize abuse and to protect the users.

Zero Cost Effectiveness
Free is always good for a fee. The majority of sites offer free ad posting after registration. In a very short time frame your ad is up and published online. There is no need for a large financial outlay. At the same time there is a huge potential for sales based on a just several minutes of work. You only stand to gain with this method.

Extensive Market Base
Most of the world is now online. This opens up a huge opportunity for businesses to make sales where they never could before. Reaching potential customers has never been easier. Online classified websites offer connectivity to just about any product one may want. Millions of sales are now being made which were not possible before.

Free Website Traffic
Advertising in classified websites is also an easy way to generate free traffic to your website. A catchy headline invites click throughs to your website with the expected content. This is an excellent method of generating organic website traffic. If your website suits what they are looking for then at a minimum you can expect return visits or an email address for more information.

Images with Ads
Using a relevant image to attract click throughs is just as important as the headline and description. They say " a picture is worth a thousand words", so make use of the human impulse which calculates and responds in the blink of an eye.

Ad Renewal
Many classified sites also offer a renewal option and will remind when your ad is about to expire. Keeping your ad live is certainly important when your making sales. If SEO is a part of your marketing efforts, in the months that follow you will certainly benefit from the search engines.

Open For Business 24/7 Worldwide
Your ad will be seen internationally all day and night. Your customers may be thousands of miles away across oceans and continents. This is the beauty of the online market place. Automate your sales so you can have more time for yourself.

To post unlimited free classified ads may seem like an invitation to post what ever you want. However the reality is that you are in...

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