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To post unlimited free classified ads may seem like an invitation to post what ever you want. However the reality is that you are in a digital world which actually has a structure, a rhythm. It is not a place to make ad hoc postings and expect serious results. There are nuts and bolts that make a search produce a particular set of results. If your an expert at the nuts and bolts then what appears as a useless ad can yield great results. But since most of us are not so inclined to SEO (search engine optimization), then we need to take a more disciplined approach.

There are many ways to promote your affiliate/mlm offers online.  Posting free classified ads is one of the best ways.  It is possible to keep your ad listed indefinitely which will attract the attention of search engines when properly arranged. Remember that “content” is King. So make your ad worth reading. Provide a headline that grabs the users attention along with a description that engages the reader and has a “call to action” that promotes a click.

Search engines are in the business of providing the “best” information regarding a particular search term. Classified advertising sites are set up to provide that information. They are organized into categories and sub categories that make it easy for the search engine algorithms to locate the “best” information. Add a relevant image or a video and Google can become your best friend. Well it’s not that easy, but it is that simple. Give the search engines what they want in the manner that they want it.

Not all classified platforms are created equal. As you can see, here you can actually make a post. In other venues there are limitations to post length but you are given other benefits to make up for it such as a search ready profile page or their own social network.  What other benefits are you receiving for your posts? What is the size of the network? Do the members also form a part of your general target market?

As you can see to post unlimited free classified ads does have limitations if you want to be effective.  Creating specialized content as per your niche once again opens the doors and you will begin to develop highly targeted website traffic to your offers. Do some keyword research if necessary and make your posts worthy not just to the reader but to the search engines.

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