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If you want to make the most of free classified advertising you will need some real visitors to your website. Leadsleap classified advertising actually supplies real people to view your ads. Traffic bots do not spend money. Real visitors do.

One of the best places to advertise your product is on the Leadsleap Marketing Platform. Leadsleap is not just an advertising site. It’s a marketing system.

Members log in daily to activate their earning potential for their Credit Ads. This simple, routine task is part of what allows members ads to be promoted across the internet.

So why would you log in daily? Maybe to earn cash while surfing, or maybe to earn credits while surfing? The real reason why members log in daily is because they are running a home business. They are actually doing the work required to be successful online. And Leadsleap offers all the tools you will need for FREE!

  • FREE Classified Credit Ads
  • FREE Page Creator Manager
  • FREE Subscriber List Manager
  • FREE Link Tracker
  • Free Adbar
  • FREE Pop Up Generator
  • FREE PPC Widget
  • FREE Cookie Generator
  • FREE Social Review
  • FREE PDF Hosting
  • FREE Image Hosting
  • FREE Insider Advertising Report

PLUS Much more on the inside

Free Classified Credit Ads

Members can post classified Credit Ads that will be circulated throughout the system. Choose a category relevant to your ad and create a catchy title and a brief description of the benefits that the product will produce. Also ad an image that best represents your offer or the lifestyle that it will bring to the prospect.

Now surf the members database for a minimum of 10 ads to activate your credit and earning potential.

Your advertisement will be seen far and wide across the internet. The Leadsleap PPC widget is shown on members websites where they have access to enable scripts as well as members who have monetized their tracking links. Pro Members can display only their ads in their PPC widget if they wish.

Pro Members have the benefit of automated website traffic delivered to their 10 Pro Ads. These visitors are bot free. As of September 2023 I am receiving over 4000 views of my websites per month.

Free Link Tracker For Testing Classified Ads

Now that you are creating free traffic to your offer you need to track how those ads are performing. It is important to know which classified ads are getting attention. Ads that have little response need to be adjusted and tried again. If still no response then it could be the platform your advertising on. The Leadsleap link tracker will count total traffic, unique visitors, and real visitors.

Real visitors are real people that spend money. Bot traffic does not spend money.
Leadsleap has a proprietary system that determines whether a visitor is actually surfing your site or has just clicked through. A bot can click through. Real people will surf your site. This is very important information to have. You will have a better understanding of which sites are actually using a majority of real people as apposed to a majority of click bots.

Another benefit of this link tracker is that you can use an Adbar to promote a second offer if the prospect is not interested in the primary offer. The Adbar can be animated or have a countdown timer to grab the prospect’s attention. If that is not enough you can also ad a pop-up window with a third offer. And if that is not enough you can further monetize a fourth time by using the PPC widget to earn credits on a click through.

The PPC widget is how your ad will be seen across the internet, not just the Leadsleap site (check footer or sidebar).

The Leadsleap link tracker is an amazing tool for use with all your classified advertising promotions.

Leadsleap Free Marketing Tools
Leadsleap Free Marketing Tools

Free Subscriber List Manager for Classified Ads

The best way to use free Leadsleap classified advertising is to build a list. Building your own subscriber list is like building an asset. Assets that you own can create real wealth for yourself as apposed to building for someone else. Leadsleap’s Sendsteed List Manager allows for Unlimited Subscribers. Other brands have fees attached as your list grows.

All of your classified ads should be aimed at capturing an email address. Full Stop.
That also includes indirect methods such as a free PDF giveaway, or signups at affiliate sites that have an internal mailer or share the email address with you as the direct sponsor.

Leadsleap offers you the ability to create free hosted pages that you can use to build a list of unlimited subscribers. The pop-up generator as mentioned above is also used to capture email information. These pages will be of your own creation so that they are unique and stand out from all the standard chatter of affiliate offers.

Once your visitor leaves your page they are gone until they see your ad again. Capturing an email address will keep you in contact with your prospect with spaced out regular emails to present information and build trust, rather than to just trying to sell to them daily.

Email marketing is a real source of wealth when used correctly as an affiliate, internet, or brick and mortar business.

The Leadsleap List Manager and Page Manager in conjunction with Leadsleap Classified Advertising allows you to do all of this for FREE! With all the tools available to you, your Home Business Cash Flow will increase quickly.

Free Page Manager and Funnel Builder For Classified Ads

Do you want to build a business without a website? Then the Leadsleap Page Manager is for you. Many page examples are presented for your editing or accept as is. You can create just about any type of page that you would like. Several backgrounds and images are provide to give your page the look and feel that you desire.

You can mix and match different element blocks from different pages in order to save time. You can also save your element block creations for using on other pages. A good example is your information capture form which may consist of several elements. With this feature it is easy to copy to other pages as you build your sales funnel.

The greatest feature of the Page Builder and List Manger is the ability to share your page or email series with others. Therefore your prospects can easily duplicate your creations and in effect you have a viral page and list builder for those who prefer the mostly Done For You Solutions due to their own time constraints.

Leadsleap Classified Advertising Summary

Leadsleap classified advertising is by far one of the best methods to deliver real prospects to your offers. They have a wide range of categories to choose from that will surely suit your needs. Other marketing platforms for just the autoresponder will cost more than the Pro Upgrade at Leadsleap. Leadsleap overdelivers with all the marketing tools you will need, and the Pro Upgrade gives you automated website traffic as well as advanced features for the full complement of marketing tools.

Keeping in contact with your Leadsleap downline is also very easy and indirect. Meaning that the process does not require opening an email or interfering with your daily marketing routine. But I’ll let you Log In to see how that works.

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    1. Thank you for taking an interest. Leadsleap is a fully integrated home business advertising medium. They have been in business since 2008 and are highly respected in the industry and by the members. This is illustrated by some of the systems that members create to demonstrate their skills and understanding of the marketing tools supplied.
      Maximum Website Traffic

      Other highly respected industry members partner with them by also demonstrating their use of the tools.
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