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The Leadsleap Insider Advertising Report is a breath of fresh air.  The creator of this online ebook certainly takes an alternative view to the usual academic response one would find in a google search related to advertising.  It give s you a practical alternative to advice that is more theoretical than actual.  Yes people do respond a certain way to what is placed in front of them. This approach just makes much more sense and has been proven in the trenches of affiliate marketing.

Traffic from involuntary ads have the least marketing effect because the prospect is being forced to view the ad or did not request to view the advertisement. Such is the case with pop-ups and pop-unders. In these cases your ad must really grab the prospects attention for any possibility of success.

Voluntary traffic is when the prospect has made a decision to view your website.
Classified ads, search engines, and marketing platforms where the prospect can choose which ad they view are good sources of website traffic. Leads generated from these sources are more open to conversion than the forced methods of involuntary ads.

Incentivized advertising assumes there is some benefit gained from viewing the ad. This may be credits in traffic exchanges, safelists, or where the user is paid in some form to do an action. Prospects that are looking to gain a benefit are better sources of traffic. They are already primed to receive what you have to offer.

Certainly as an internet marketer you are likely familiar with the above mentioned occurrences. Some find pop unders interesting, while others are content to surf or read emails. In any case more information on how to motivate your prospects is always useful.

Another perspective is always useful. Just when you thought you knew enough the Leadsleap Insider Advertising Report blows the doors open on the secrets to making an effective ad.

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