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This home business perpetual website traffic system incorporates new technology that makes the old, new. There is nothing really new under the sun. Just different ways of looking at things. Most presentations of marketing programs are just another way of looking at the same thing. And then comes the game changer.

I’m sure you know what a pop up is. That box that appears as you try to close a browser tab, so the marketer can have one last chance to get your information. Do you remember the pop under. It’s like they all disappeared. Very rarely do I ever close my main browser to find another window open that I was not aware of. Thank goodness for that. They were more annoying than the pop up. At least you knew you closed the pop up.

What is available today is the pop under in a browser tab so that you know that it is there. As a marketer this is a great improvement over the old system as your prospect will be prompted to look at the ad. It definitely grabs your attention without interfering with what you are doing. You can finish viewing the current ad and then look at the next one because you will see the open browser tab.

As far as traffic generation goes this is also a game changer. What this tool can do is double your traffic. If you double a penny ($.01) every day for 30 days you end up with over $1 Million dollars. This process is built into the tool. That means in a perfect world you end up with 1 000 000 hits to your website! And there is more. This tool will also cloak your affiliate link from commission thieves and track which ads are producing clicks and results.

One of the struggles for marketers developing a home business perpetual website traffic system is that they are also trying to develop buyer traffic. All of that traffic is useless if you don’t have buyers along the way. This is also taken care of for you with their buyer traffic model. This game changing idea separates you from everyone else. The ad that no one looked at before is now visible for FREE!

In effect what you have is perpetual buyer traffic that potentially doubles every time the system multiplies. That’s money in the bank.

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