How To Make Money With Free Classified Advertising

Making money with free classified advertising is quite simple when broken down into manageable actions. Just because a process or product is free does not necessarily mean that the majority are using it effectively. Free is not free. Just like freedom is not free. There is always a cost involved.

The resources used in this case will be your time and organizational skills. How much time you have is up to you. But once you get started you will see that you have a lot more time than you thought. The system is going to automate simple tasks that would have used up your valuable time. Time, that now can be spent on generating website traffic or other asset building activities.

Classified Advertising

In order to bring the attention of others to your product you need targeted website traffic. That is, visitors that are not just random but are already in your niche or at least investigating related ideas. Classified advertising does exactly that. Your ad is posted in a category relative to what your product is. That’s targeted traffic.

Online ads are just the modern twist of newspaper ads. There is a catchy title, a short but detailed description of the product, and an image if allocated for. Interested parties will then click through and investigate your sales page. Your time resources have been better utilized since your hard earned ad credits are being used by potential prospects not random surfers.

Traffic Exchanges, marketing platforms and social media also offer classified ads as promotional media. Depending on the platform, your ad may be viewed by other users in a category or general search, comments, or, reviews which are more common today.

Your ad may also be placed in advertising networks which display ads in a widget (see side bar or footer), which is shown on thousands of websites (like this one) across the internet .

In the long run a well thought out ad that can be found with an internal search will also serve you well in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). You may get clicks today from other users, but the really powerful traffic comes from search engines in the months to come.

Wealth is generally not earned overnight. It comes with patience and preparation. Your ads are part of the preparation stage for your asset creation and wealth building strategy.

Affiliate Marketing

So now that you have a free traffic source you need a free product or service to sell. At this stage of the process I’m going to assume that you have not created one of your own. This is where affiliate marketing fills the void. Product creators have at their finger tips access to millions of sales agents, affiliate marketers.

It’s a win win situation. Most people are not creating products, we use them. It’s a consumer society today everywhere across this planet. You do not have to use the product in order to be an agent for the product. MLM (multi-level marketing) is generally the opposite. MLM typically requires you to be a product user. Affiliates examine the product and then decide whether it is worth promoting.

Your job as an affiliate is to provide information to prospects about the uses and benefits of the product. It is not sufficient to just send a prospect to the sales page and hope they make a purchase. This is a lose, and lose, and lose again situation. Should your prospect not make a purchase, which is likely, they are also not likely to bookmark and return to that page again either. They are gone for good.

The uses and benefits is a key to making a sale. People want to know why they should part with their hard earned money for any product. People want to know why buying this product is an improvement over what they are currently doing. In order to do that, you are going to have to present the information in a manner which can be repeated again and again.

Repetition is another key. Remember the 3 r’s from grade school (in the West). Reading, riting, and rithmetic. I remember a lot of repetition. Not all people need it, but most of us do. When your new at something what do you do? If you can’t physically repeat a lesson, then at least your going to run it over in your mind again and again.

The same goes for your prospect. They have to see the information again and again. They may need to see the sales page again and again. Forcibly showing the sales page though, is too much of a hard sell. But what works the best is to lead by example. Your product creator should have done plenty of testing and will have plenty of examples.

As an affiliate marketer you are typically paid a percentage of the purchase price of the product. This can range from 5-100%. Yes that is not a typing error. You can earn 100% of the purchase price of a product (more on that elsewhere).

Clickbank is one of the best places to start your affiliate marketing journey. There are thousands of products and lots of help. And no cost to you. This is a great platform for you to make money with free classified advertising.

Free Classified Advertising Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

OK. So now you know where to find website traffic and a product to sell. What next? Email marketing is where you put it all together with automation. This is another aspect of asset creation. List Building is another key to building your long term wealth. Your precious time should be spent generating targeted traffic and/or building assets.

Having access to an autoresponder (automated email) is how you can regularly send pre-written informative emails to your prospects. This is your opportunity to demonstrate the uses and benefits of the product again and again. Also keep in mind that you don’t want to abuse the privilege of having this prospect on your list. So no, you do not want to email them everyday about the same product for a month. That looks too much like a hard sell.

Even if you do email your prospect everyday then the information should be more generic with examples. No one wants to see the same demand for a sale over and over again. Use related topics that do not go to a sales page. This will help to reinforce the fact that you are being helpful. And it will also further demonstrate why your prospect should buy the product.

If your trying to sell a health product, then as an example a link to an actual real study that recommends that type of product or methodology would be seen as helpful.

If you are a user of the product then creating examples is easy. If I want you to try my free list builder then of course I should be using the same product as a demonstration of it’s uses and benefits.

Your email marketing efforts is where the bulk of your sales will come from. This is how to make money with free classified advertising. At a minimum it will keep you in the minds of your prospects. If not for this product then maybe something else down the road.

Testing Results

As your getting set up, also keep in mind that you need to track your marketing efforts by your ad placements and your email correspondence. If you have your own website then adding google analytics code to your site’s header section is an option.

If you don’t have your own website and are promoting affiliate links you can use a link tracker to see what ads get clicked and which links in your emails are getting clicks. These results can provide great information as to what ads are performing and which ads need to be edited and tested again or deleted.

Your lack of results could be due to the title, the description, the image or the platform itself. In some cases you may be getting clicks but the clicks are coming from a bot. At this stage bot traffic is useless to you. You also need to know that you have real people looking at your ad. Bots don’t spend money. Real people do.

Another consideration with testing is that if your setting up for SEO then a link tracker will defeat the purpose as it breaks the web of the search engine spiders. So also consider which links you track with link trackers.


By putting the above ideas into practice you can make money with free classified advertising. Not only is the advertising free but so are all of the tools. What more can you ask for? Free ads, free marketing tools. Now go and make some money.

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    1. Classified advertising offers the benefit of also generating organic website traffic from search engines. Search engines will index classified sites frequently because new posts are always being added, just like a blog. If the post is available outside the members area then the search engines will index it. The fact that classified sites are already in categories is helpful to the search engines.

      It is very important to use keywords in your title and to use keywords in the body of the text. this is what the search engine is loking for to make sure the content is relavent to a particular category or topic. If the platform allows, you should write a post that is 250 words minimum. The use of an image is also useful.

      If you are in a large network of sites then the effect of backlinking, SEO (search engine optimization) is much stronger since you will have many sites pointing to your site. What you will want to do is to continuously renew you post before it expires so that it is always there. Comments to blog posts are always viewable.

      This site is still under construction. I have a few issues to work out and new members will be welcome soon.

      I have another site that is a part of a 5500 website network that I will be using to promote this site. That network has a one click install system. It was much easier than what I am dealing with here. Growing pains.

      Making money online has a method. Classified advertising is only one part.

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