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Email marketing will be your primary source of sales with your clients.  It is less distracting than communicating with all the various social media platforms that are out there today.  Of course once you have their attention with an email you can send them to your latest content filled social post.

Uses and Benefits

And yes, you need to make the connection for them.  How does your latest post relate to the product you are selling.  Maybe there is no relation at all.  In that case trust has to be developed.  Hopefully your prospects respect your way of life, your economics, your politics, your general reasoning.

In the end though what sells the product is it's uses and benefits.  Not too many people are going to buy your product because they like you and then not use it.  They must have a need for it.   Your socioecopolitico is not withstanding.

In your email campaign include related articles and scenarios where the uses and benefits of the product can be made clear without necessarily making a hard sales page attempt.  Every industry will have  authoritative third parties that have trusted information.  These third parties need not be your competition but allies in your cause.

Have you ever signed up for an email series only to be completely bombarded with sales pages everyday?  I know the feeling.  For the love of money please put some gaps in the days or send me something worth reading.


You are also going to have to track which links are being clicked in your emails.  The testing never stops.  Your running a business that requires data analysis.  Which emails are being opened?  Is it the title?  The day in the series? The content?  In order to really know those answers change one component at a time.  Test the response and then change it back.  Then change another piece of the puzzle.

You can track all of this with google analytics code in your website's head file or you can use a link tracker in association with an autoresponder/listbuilder that tracks open rates.

Email marketing campaigns are a part of how to make money with internet marketing and classified advertising.  You will still need to consider how to develop website traffic with your marketing platform.

As the fog began to clear my perspective of email marketing and list building also began to change due to an experience I had with...

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