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As the fog began to clear my perspective of email marketing and list building also began to change due to an experience I had with a business type that affiliate marketers are supposed to stay away from. Have you ever seen those ads where they promise to give you thousands of email subscribers for free? And we are told to stay away because the list is old, used, shared, spammed, bounced, etc. Well, all that may be true, but not for all.

The whole problem here is our perspective. We don’t want to do the work. But what we need to recognize is that there is a lot of GOLD in those mountains. We are not experienced enough to see the gaps in the “logic” presented by most of those naysayers.

There are honest people out there who will give you exactly what they said and support it. Who really want’s to share there list anyway? Joint venture marketers, solopreneurs and smart, 20 year veteran marketers. They can share their lists of because they know how to protect it. They have developed a strong relationship. Especially the 20 year veteran.

If you want to keep subscribers on board you have to add value. And that means sharing your successes, sharing information that you know works from your own experience.

One of the the ideas that most marketers want to know about is how to build a list quickly, and how to keep the traffic coming. The answer is to use viral marketing techniques with your list building efforts. Your email marketing strategies can now become measurable when you have a decent list size of about 1000 subscribers. The metrics of open rates and click throughs and purchases will be much more accurate.

But first you need to build that list! If your not list building for email marketing your leaving way too much money on the table!
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