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Having your own home biz advertising agency is like having  your very own traffic generating platform.  What’s the biggest problem for marketers? Traffic. But traffic is everywhere! There is all kinds of it. But it all comes down to the same problem. Promotion. You can only spend so much time promoting because you have other parts of your business to develop.

Or maybe promotion is the real business which takes care of everything else? That’s how I see it. It does not matter what lotion, potion, or new shiny thing you are trying to sell. Without promotion you have nothing. Have you tried traffic exchanges, safelists, social media, text ads, banners, classified ads. They all work but you can’t be everywhere all the time. Well, you can, but it requires an extraordinary amount of work and coordination of your platforms.

You can only do so much for free. Even if you want to be a social media guru, traffic guru, affiliate/mlm guru, you have to put in the work to be an influencer.

Naturally you have be been looking around at all the possibilities for traffic and are a member of several platforms of all the types I listed above. Guess what? Me too.

What I have learned the hard way is that you need a lot of traffic to just get 1 signup. No Joke. And you know from your own experience! Until you reach that point where your traffic is sufficient to have a steady supply of email confirmed subscribers, it’s a struggle. Home biz buyer traffic is hard to find.  You need a home biz advertising agency.

Viral marketing works. Your traffic will multiply over and over. But the problem is that there are way too many freebie seekers. I’ve been that marketer. Hoping that I’ll find that Golden Goose who will upgrade so I can have some passive earnings for FREE. Too funny right. You know what happens. Nobody upgrades because everyone is thinking of the same idea. Lay low and wait for the free buck. No, it does not work!

Since we know viral marketing and all the other platforms mentioned above do work. We need a traffic program that multiplies our traffic and pay$ u$ for our hard work!

There are all kinds of matrix systems out there. You know, the matrix system that is almost impossible to fill. I say almost because if you have enough traffic you can do it. It’s time for a change of scenery since the majority do not have that kind of traffic and are not going to work hard enough to get it. I say that bluntly because I have been there. What I thought was enough was not enough!

The other lesson I have learned from real gurus is that you have to provide a lot of value to your prospects. They learned this early and are still going strong 25 plus years later. That’s a real guru. Just setting things up for others to succeed.

Click the link on this page and learn something different. Different for the masses, because we all can’t be in the top 1%. Receive home biz buyer traffic from a creative mind. This platform is a game changer.  It provides real opportunity for the marketers in the middle.  The marketers that are really making an effort.  That huge piece a pie that was only being served to the top 1%  is now really available to us.  You are going to love this home biz advertising agency because it puts cash in your pocket over and over again!

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