Social Media

The instantaneous connection of Social Media today is a very long way from the days of a 1440 baud modem and internet bulletin boards.  Back then it was very similar to texting on your phone but through your desktop computer.  Do you remember Microsoft DOS, before Windows 3.1?

Today the various media platforms occupy a significant portion of viewing time for many internet users.  There has always been a question surrounding how much of your personal information is being collected, and stored for analysis.  Now it is well understood that your every move is being tracked.  Just like a good marketer checking where the clicks are coming from.

Social media users offer a perfect situation where "birds of a feather flock together".  This is somewhat visible to the typical user as they follow the current social media guru around in any given topic. But of course in the background, the platforms IT departments have all that data segmented into fine resolutions of group and individual behaviors.

Much has also been said about the abuse of algorithms which present offers to users based on their current and historical behavior.  None of which should be a surprise for internet marketers.  Of course you would try to make a sale based on a users routine!

Whether it's a quick text message or a content filled video,  if your the talkative type then loads of quality website traffic can be generated from these platforms.  You can upload information about your product and demonstrate it's uses and benefits.  You can present your political views, your economic views, your social views, your cultural views and so on.  You can display your whole life if you like.

This is where some thought needs to be given to the whole and it's parts.  Would it be better to be broad and generalize or do you want to segment yourself down to some very tight socioecopolitico cultural division that only sees life one way?  I guess that depends on what your selling.  It is said that former president Barack Obama won his first presidency because of how he used social media.  Then you have former president Donald Trump being banned and having to build his own platform.

The point here is that if your marketing various products you will have to consider the market as a whole.  Join a group relative to your product or create one if necessary.  Some platforms even have that socioecopolitico data your looking for as paid traffic.  Social media can be your best friend or worst enemy.
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