Technological Wealth Transfer

Over the ages technology has certainly shaped the ease of life of the masses and created immense wealth for the rich.  If you were lucky to hear the secret whisper while travelling on public transit then maybe you too got out of the rat race.  A hot stock tip, savvy financial moves, or mainly plain conservatism is what it took.  In any event some technology was involved in the wealth creation or more accurately the transfer of wealth from the have not to the haves.


Our latest entry into the tech space is Open AI's ChatGPT.  This bot can apparently research anything you want and compose a university level essay about the topic.  Students have been using this tool for a little while to do assignments for grades they don't deserve.  Back in the 80's my high school teachers told us not so bluntly that we were being dumbed down.  They were 100% correct.

ChatGPT can also accurately pick winning stocks.  This is of course a game changer.  So now you would think that the masses will be able to equalize their wealth relative to the rich?  No, the rich now become the super rich.  Everything remains relative unless you grab the bull by the horns.  But I do believe that the rich want you to be wealthy so that you can afford to pay for their latest toys.  Such as, experiencing orbiting the Earth.

Then and Now

Look at the technology of the 1800's, the industrial revolution.  From that came, steam engines, electricity, telegraphs, radio, the lightbulb, telephones, televisions, the internet.  Let's take it back to the building of the pyramids.  We use the same geometry today in our mathematics yet we still have not duplicated these structures.  One has to recognize that the frame of mind is also important when looking at technology.  A different space manifests different creations.  What else did they have that is being hidden?

Internet Marketing

So do you want to be wealthy, or at least independent?  The technology you have access to now is internet marketing.  In my opinion this is the real game changer.  No you don't have to grab the bull by the horns.  It has already been done for you.  Technology when applied by all is the great equalizer.
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