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Due to recent happenings in the marketplace more office personnel are choosing to work from home. They are now accustomed to that routine due to "stay at home orders". The same also appears to apply to the general labor force as more and more jobs are going unfulfilled. I would suspect that these people are not on government employment insurance or the welfare rolls. So where are they? They are putting their time into their side hustle. The time away from "the man" forced them to consider what they really wanted to do with their lives.

Business opportunities have always been with us. Most of us just felt safer with a full time job. Now we really know that our jobs are somewhat fleeting in this technological society where the abilities of robots are expanding at a rapid pace. This is very evident in manufacturing and the software that is used in administrative duties. Our work over the decades has become more scripted. Therefore it is easy to program a machine to do that work be it physical or organizational.

This has opened the minds of many who are now seriously engaging themselves in work from home business opportunities. What could be better than working from a laptop? You work when you want from literally anywhere you have access to the internet. The gig economy is not just temporary or service contract work but an infinite supply of self created digital assets.

In the online world there is no limit to what can be created. Just as the cosmos are infinite and the theory of quantum mechanics claims the same for the internal structure of the atom, so too is your ability to create digital assets that will produce passive income. There is only so much land one can own but you can create as much digital property as you want. Property that you can access anytime as you work from home.

It's 2023 and the work from home business arena has heated up. Everyone is online looking for an internet home business or literally doing their...

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