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EZClix Automated Perpetual Website Traffic is designed to virally create premium views to your offers. Many other systems involve a lot of clicking to receive views to your ads. This system eliminates the need to constantly manually advertise your affiliate pages making it a solid viral marketing tool.

Most other so called premium sites only send traffic to your website. This is just a one off for every hit. The EZClix system generates a profile page and a traffic page. Both pages are sent thousands of hits from the EZClix system which starts the viral effect. These pages then develop automated perpetual website traffic.

Plus each page is filled with your offer and other affiliate traffic offers with your links embedded. This setup is superior to the one off that you normally see with other premium traffic sources. It provides multiple opportunities for your prospect to click a link and join one of your offers. The main theme though is a large image and text for your main offers which begs to be clicked.

Your offer will be shown in the form of videos, banners, your own capture form, and of course links to your offer. In your member area the setup is very easy to do with a wizard that checks your progress so you don’t miss any details.

Your account allows for three main ads, three banner ads, a login ad, video ads, and a capture form for contact information. Your main ads, video ads and banner ads are rotated on one page. On the second page your main ads and banner ads are rotated. Both pages also include a link to become a member of the EZClix system. These two pages provide a window for your prospects. They will have a very good idea of what they are going to receive.

This system will send thousands of premium ad views to your main pages. So take the time to setup correctly and have a call to action that will generate clicks and signups to your offers. Automated perpetual home business website traffic is a key to your online success. Spend less time clicking and more time building your business.

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