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Developing home business website traffic takes a lot of work. Most marketers do not realize just how much traffic is required to start and sustain an online business. Contrary to popular opinion just placing some text ads in your social media feed is not enough. Surfing an hour on traffic exchanges is not enough. Sending a few solo emails is not enough. It is a very competitive field out there.

Teams work. There are many teams from various programs that combine all their efforts into referring new prospects that are then shared across the team in a predetermined and accepted method. That should be an indication of two points. The amount of traffic you require to succeed is truly massive and you have to be in it for the long haul. But teams have started and disappeared, as expressed by the teams that are still around. “… those other teams have come and gone, but we are still here…”.

You may think your going it alone, but it is likely you are a part of some traffic and affiliate marketing program. You are working for yourself of course but as a part of that team. Even though it may not be organized as such.

So how do you develop home business website traffic that meets the requirements for online success? You start with an absolutely huge funnel from the search engines and large networks, and then you filter everyone that comes through to determine whether they are interested in a home based business. So initially you have bulk traffic which has it’s uses, but the filtering system reduces that down to premium website traffic. That’s what you need. Real people that are ready to look at what you have to offer.

Now it’s up to you. What are you promoting? But most important, is how are you promoting it? Have you obtained the proper training to take advantage of premium home business website traffic? Are you even getting anything out of the bulk traffic. I certainly wasn’t. Nothing to speak of anyway. But that does not mean that there was nothing to be had. There was plenty to be had.

A few years ago I tried building a plain website and my perspective changed. Then the fog began to clear as program after program fell into my lap. All that stuff that I thought was junk actually has real value. Look at it like this. Nature always has the answer. We compost discarded food and it becomes useful food for the garden. We recycle metal, paper and water. Everything has it’s use.

So the basics may include traffic exchanges, safelists, banner exchanges, email marketing, social networks, forums and all kinds of traffic programs. But what was I doing with all of that? Not enough of the right processes for sure. I was failing and failing miserably.

But like I said, the fog began to clear and the recognition that I had to find some premium home business website traffic in order to succeed. Going it alone is tough, real tough. Choose your associations wisely and most important of all, get proper training.

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