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Free perpetual website traffic has a nice ring to the ear. Everyone sits up straight and wants to know more. Certainly this is not possible! Perpetual motion is impossible, so this is also not possible. Yes, it is a half truth. But truth enough when you consider the environment of affiliate/mlm marketing.

There are hundreds if not thousands of traffic exchanges, safelists, FFA’s (free for all), social media platforms, and various types of other traffic sites ready to help you promote your website. The only problem is that they themselves need you to promote their site. So naturally there is some good competition for your attention. This has brought about some very creative uses and means of available technologies.

So let’s consider the problem. Generally at best you can claim one view of your website in exchange for viewing another website. Sometimes it’s only 2 to 1, or 1/2 of a credit. Fair enough because the site owner has to make some money some where. So the members lose a little. But that’s OK since you can surf more than the next member to obtain more views or just upgrade and pay for the extra views.

But it get’s even better. Some traffic sites give you a Start Exchange/Coop url (link) that you can promote in order to earn credits without surfing and may also include a indexable profile page (SEO). Some also have a banner exchange program that you post on your site for an exchange of impressions. Now your beginning to see the possibilities of generating perpetual website traffic. Just like perpetual motion there has to be some introduction of force or energy to get things going! Which brings us back to the beginning. You need a good traffic source to get things started.

Fortunately for us there have been many who have came before us and solved that problem. They have developed traffic sources from search engine traffic and are willing to share that with you. Some have built extensive networks of traffic sites and are willing to give away free views to new members. And this is where the creativity of others come in. How do you use all of these different ideas together so that you can develop continuous website traffic?

Personally I have been in and out of internet marketing a few times with no success. So what was the problem? Traffic! I thought I had enough, but no, not even close! A tremendous amount of traffic is required to succeed. Traffic which you can then filter to create highly targeted prospects. Let me be clear and personal with you. The rookie, the newbie, the failing marketer , just does not realize the effort and magnitude it takes to succeed. I really did not have that understanding until I came across a few programs within a few months of each other. Two of them demonstrated just how much traffic and emailing was required by what they gave away for FREE! Let that sink in. My understanding came about because of what I was receiving for FREE! And the third demonstrated how to create a free perpetual website traffic system!

It’s all in the setup folks. 99% of us have the cart in front of the horse. We are not setup correctly. And website traffic is just the beginning.

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